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Our Work

Chicago Latina Moms provides an empowering community that represents the diverse experiences of motherhood and Latinidad. What makes us unique is our proactive approach towards the wellbeing of Latina mothers by embracing comunidad (community), cultura (culture), and comadres (co-mothers). Through our programming, CLM promotes connection, friendship, and empowerment among Latina mothers.


We aim to support the growth and success of our entrepreneurial moms by making it easier for the Chicago community and beyond to support local, women and mom-owned businesses.

The Chicago Latina Moms community includes over 4,000 members representing the diversity of motherhood and Latinidad. If you’re looking for a highly engaged community of Latina moms, we got you!

The CLM Group is the heart of our organization with a very defined culture centered on support, empowerment, and compassion. We organize special social events for moms to foster friendship and self-care in collaboration with many Chicago Latina Mom owned businesses. Our special moms-only events make it easy to start and nurture friendships among Latina mothers. Join nuestra comunidad!

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Parent Support

Our CLM Group is not only a strong community but an active membership rich with resource recommendations, expertise, and connections. We host virtual lactation support meetings and diaper drives with community partners. Check out our Charlas series to explore our free presentations on a wide scope of important topics for parents.

Family Programming

Our family events aim to create friendship and community among Latinas and their families. Chicago Latina Moms transforms lives and crushes isolation by promoting community! CLM is an environment where moms can find the warmth and family oriented attitudes of Latino culture. We celebrate your Latin background and recognize it as an important part of you and your family.

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